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Are Online CPR Courses Valid?

Absolutely not! Unfortunately we have many students who have been scammed by online CPR classes. Here is how they work: You go to one of these online  courses website and you give them your credit card number and then print out a card from your computer. There is no practice on manikins, no written tests, no reading, no books. Your only experience on learning life saving skills is putting in your credit card number. Do you think this is a valid CPR certification?

These cards are not acceptable for any job requirement in California. These online companies are very sneaky since they say you will receive a 100% refund if the CPR card you print out from your computer is not accepted. They already know it will not be accepted. So in order to get a refund, you have to give them your supervisor’s email, phone number, name, address, etc. Then they call your supervisor and at this point your boss will know that you tried to avoid taking a real American Heart Association CPR course. So do it right the first time and take a real AHA class. Also, spread the word. Tell your friends, coworkers, and others about this internet scam.

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