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American Heart Association Training Courses & History

AHA BLS Courses in Rancho Cordova and Carmichael

American Heart Association BLS

Since the fortys, the American Heart Association (AHA) has used more than 3 billion dollars on research to increase the knowledge of heart diseases and stroke. This funding has produced significant results and important discoveries that have advanced the understanding of these diseases and options for treatment and prevention. The association also plays a significant role in educating cardiologists and the entire treatment team on important new information that comes from research. Through continuing education the cardiovascular medical community stays up to date with the latest advances in patient care, CPR, & First-aid.

Today more than 2,000 researchers and clinical investigators are receiving AHA funding to study a wide range of important areas. In previous years recipients have even included future Nobel Prize winners. There are many types of research being funded. Basic research helps to shed light on how these diseases develop and affect the heart, circulation and so many metabolic functions. Clinical research funding contributes to improving cardiovascular patients care. Changes in lifestyle, options for surgery, uses of existing and new treatments all need to be studies to improving patient outcomes. Today, the American Heart Association CPR programs continue the heritage of research support and assistance to physicians entering the field of cardiology. They offer these training courses in Rancho Cordova and other cities around Sacramento

The impact of lifestyle on cardiovascular health has been studied for decades. The role of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and atherosclerosis are well understood and there are now therapies to address these cardiovascular risk factors. Physicians have lifestyle management and educational tool to help patients and their families play a more active role in their care. The American Heart Association is an important partner with the medical community and patients to change the course of cardiovascular health in the United States.

The AHA also plays a valuable role in continuing medical education for its more than 27,000 professional members. Physicians and professional care teams must continuously educate themselves in order for advances in research and cardiovascular medicine to reach their patients. The association offers professional members live training classes in Sacramento and surrounding towns and has many active state chapters. Web-based education programs are offered to accommodate busy schedules. And the association holds as many as eight medical conferences each year where professional members can meet, listen to experts, take educational BLS programs and talk with colleagues. In addition to these many educational options, professional members can join councils that are part of the AHA organization. These16 councils address individual specialty areas that allow professional members to match their interests and be part of a national network.

The American Heart Association has been funding important cardiovascular and stroke research for 65 years. That research has added significantly to the medical field. The organization’s commitment to education helps bring these research findings to the attention of physicians who treat patients with cardiovascular disease.

Citrus Heights CPR Training Courses

American Heart Association CPR in Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights AHA CPR Training

The American Heart Association is now teaching classes near Citrus Heights just outside of Sacramento. View the website for more information:

CPR Classes near Citrus Heights